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Sometimes, i feel sucks to be a daughter

I don’t have any power to make it double

It’s hard to be a daughter

When am being in trouble

And knowing that i’m alone

But, you know…

Daughter can make a trouble if she can’t handle herself


I should handle this and that

Everyone just look at me like am good in everyway

They don’t know what happend inside

The wave, the burden, the joy, the brokeness, the power that i should gain everyday

To make a day just a good day

I smile

I pray

I try to handle this like always

And throw away my true feelings to be a good daughter

Sometimes, i want to lay down and hug and tell that my day is hard

But, daughter can be like that

Cheer up, daughter!

I wish i can be a gloomy daughter for a while.



Ignore The Pain

I jump into the water

Submerging myself and try to survive there

I don’t wanna see the world




There’s a hurt

I know I will feel the pain if I get up from the water

I realize, what i need is just to walk straight

And ignore the pain

And the source of the pain

And slow but sure,

I lose my breath



There’s an ocean i could dive in
Call me to search what he hide behind that wide smile

There’s a light i couldn’t stand

Teasing me to find out what he bury in his heart

There’s a magnet that makes me always staring him

Moved my heart to make his happiness my priority

Those eyes, so intense

I know i will always love it…


I Meet You In The Crowd

Suddenly, we met

It’s not take a long time to realize that I have falling for you

Season changes

We move

I’m with somebody else, either you

Laugh and tears

Hate and love

But, we stand still

Our lips make a so so talk

But, our eyes talking more than I miss you

It says

“Am sorry… I have to go…”

It says

“I don’t mean it. I’m into you…”

It says

“I don’t want to hurt you…”

And we keep talking like that

In our mind and soul

Without everybody know

And suddenly, i’m thinking about “When will I see you again?”





I call it one, you call it two

It makes me separate from you

I look around, you look above

It makes us turn on and off

I think it’s big, you think it’s small

It also can’t be judgemental

We can see, we can talk, we can walk

But, you choose to go away from the clock

You’re lovely, but you told me that you’re lonely

Ding dong ding

I am here all alone…