Source: Pinterest

Sometimes, i feel sucks to be a daughter

I don’t have any power to make it double

It’s hard to be a daughter

When am being in trouble

And knowing that i’m alone

But, you know…

Daughter can make a trouble if she can’t handle herself


I should handle this and that

Everyone just look at me like am good in everyway

They don’t know what happend inside

The wave, the burden, the joy, the brokeness, the power that i should gain everyday

To make a day just a good day

I smile

I pray

I try to handle this like always

And throw away my true feelings to be a good daughter

Sometimes, i want to lay down and hug and tell that my day is hard

But, daughter can be like that

Cheer up, daughter!

I wish i can be a gloomy daughter for a while.



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