The Man and His Ransel

I pray to meet him because i think this is my last chance to catch him on the field. Someone who will forgotten in the middle of the night.

And here he is… the man with his ransel.

Then… i am just a girl who spot her sight to her toes. Sometimes, get a little confident to face everything in front of her. Then, i call his name again. Is he there, God? But, it looks like impossible because the time is over.

Forget it.

It is not.


He passes me by.

I look through him.

I stop a little time.

Black t-shirt and khaki pants.

And his ransel in his one wide shoulder.

With two of best friend just hanging his attention to his busy-ness.

I’m nervous.

I play with my mineral water plastic bottle.

Just to catch his attention.

He still focus on something in his hand.

Aaah… it’s oke.

The fact… this is the power of pray.

He answered my pray before and I enjoy everything.

I’m happy to see you, the man and his ransel.

I think… Sometimes people is not forget about you. They just not pay more attention about you.


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