Night Changes

I stand on the mountain side. Higher than before. Colder than before.


Surrounded by silence and emptiness. I throw my eyes to the front. I see darker than before.


Standing alone, thinking. Arguing with my self and find nothing. It is too heavy to breathe. I need more oxygen.


I’m done with this war. With shield on my right hand and bandage on the other side. I try to face the sword of your words. I’m bleeding every night.


Oh, I’m in the highest level of sorrow.


The King of night will come.


Soon, i have to make a decision again. To fight or give up.


Hard to decide what i’ve must to do now. I’m looking the nearest forest to hide, but can’t find.


It’s too dark here,  i even can not cover my self in the darkness. The only thing i know now, I should go down to the battle field.


I take courage and scream. “What’s wrong with me? What have i done to deserve this? I don’t want to do that anymore!”


I try to speak up.


No answer.


I cry.


The wind blowing through my face. Tender. But, they laughing at me.


Please, I wanna over my life. I’m tired to kick, tired to bleed, tired to face what you always do to me. Do not make me cursing at you always and always!


I know i couldn’t stand any longer. I must decide. To beat or to beaten in the depth of misery.


The darkest come closer to me. It tell me the shortest way to end up this line.


“Give up!”


“What? After all this time?”


I’m dying. I’m crying. But, it isn’t the best way to choose, is it?


“You can fight for death soon or give up so you can save everything.”


Give up.

Instantly, everything totally different. It’s 5 in the morning and the darkest gone.

Night changes. Light’s coming.


Unfortunately, the darkest will come again. And i must fight again. And should i decide to give up again? And then night will change… again?


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